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10 Reasons Why You Would Be Happy Marrying A Nigerian

Nigerians are wonderful people; they have been able to create a world of happiness for themselves despite the trials and tribulations they go through. In spite of the challenges faced by the country, Nigerians are able to move on and live life to the fullest. Nigerians could be found in almost every part of the world and are able to adapt to any situation. Being a Nigerian is tough in itself; however, they have unique qualities that are admired by people all over the world.

1. Humorous

Trust Nigerians to bring out the fun in every intense situation. They are witty and smart and are able to see beyond the present hardships one could be facing. They are light spirited people and are able to create fun everywhere they go. Marrying one would assure one of a lifetime of happiness. There would be no dull moments as they say.

2. Intelligent

Nigerians are brilliant and innovative; a large number of them are talented and gifted. One of the reasons people marry is to produce young ones. Marrying a Nigerian would not only make you have young ones, you could be sure you would have brilliant and talented children as well.

3. Nigerians are beautiful

If beauty does it for you then you can be sure you would get hooked in Nigeria. Both men and women in this talked about country are beautiful. Depending on your specifications, there are light skinned girls that would blow your mind and the dark skinned girls that speak a ton about Africa and its beauty. These beautiful people are represented in every tribe of the country. They are also well behaved people that would uphold the heritage of your family.

4. Nigerians are homely

Imagine returning from work to see a meal like this. There is something about Nigerians that makes one remember home. No matter your nationality, you would always feel at home with a Nigerian. Marrying one would make you live well all the days of your life as you could be sure that you would be well fed. Your children would be well groomed and the culture you want to preserve would never be lost.

5. Nigerians are romantic

Nigerians are expressive; they do everything within their means to show what and how they feel. Marrying a Nigerian means you would get spoiled and be happy the most part of your life. Nigerians go overboard with gifts and leave a long lasting impression in your mind. Basically, Nigerians are generous and give as much as they can.

6. Dramatic weddings

Wedding ceremonies in Nigeria are designed to make every couple feel special. Everyone would be all over you before and after the ceremony and you could get to feel like a celeb then. Nigerian weddings are beautiful and colorful; you also get to experience different things about the culture. For more information about Nigerian Weddings Ceremonies and database of Masters of Ceremonies, Event Managers click the link: blistfulbeginnings.

7. You would experience creativity for the proposal

Nigerian proposals are epic. There is no set pattern for your partner to follow when about to pop the magic question. Even though you know he would be proposing soon, it would still take you by surprise. Nigerian men make it totally up to them to find innovative ways to propose to women.

8. Nigerians are religious

Although Nigerians practice different religions, you can be sure that your partner would be someone with the fear of God. We know the importance of prayer in marriages and relationships so you can be sure you would have a partner who would make praying for your success a priority.

9. Nigerians are family oriented Happy Nigerian family

Marry a Nigerian and you can be sure divorce would not be an option. Nigerians are known to invest their all in marriages as parents do not buy into separation in marriages. Part of the orientation they are given before marriage is to stay in it through thick and thin. It is a good thing as you would not have to worry about your partner packing out of the house suddenly.

10. They understand you have responsibilities

Many Nigerians grew up being taken care of by family members. They have it registered in their minds to look after these people too. In the process, they learn to become responsible themselves and would support you while you look after your family members as well.

- Think about it.

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