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5 Reasons Why Your Ex Is Calling Back...

Your ex may be trying to reach out to you after your breakup with him or her. However, here are five possible reasons why your ex might be contacting you:


Your ex may have realized that they made a mistake in ending the relationship and now regret their decision. Seeing that you have moved on with someone else may have caused them to reevaluate their feelings.


Your ex may be feeling lonely and is reaching out to you for companionship or emotional support. Your Ex must have resulted to alcohol, drugs and suicidal thoughts, who cares?


Your ex may feel jealous of your new relationship and is reaching out to try to sabotage it or make you feel guilty for moving on. You Ex will be troubled and insane to learn about your new love, any congratulatory messages sent to you is either a curse or trap on disguise.


Your ex may want closure or to apologize for how things ended between you two. Does it sound true or sincere ?


Your ex may be attempting to manipulate you or the situation in some way, such as trying to get back together with you or interfering with your current relationship.

The truth is, if your ex appears or sounds very sorry and nice, don't fall the trick, probably you must have been seen your ex visiting your status and sending birthday greetings and apologetic messages, don't ever fall for it especially when you had an abusive and traumatic marriage with your ex. The tailing and stalking ex are the most dangerous, if they can't have you no other person will have you but it is left to you to decide what you want. It is only a dog that returns to its vomit.

- Think about it.

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